You Can Be A Reiki Master.

You can now quickly discover how to channel the beautiful healing energy of Reiki to help heal yourself, friends and family.

You can learn how to heal animals and pets, and how to send Reiki Healing to trouble spots around the world.

You will also discover how to attune others to Reiki and help spread this beautiful healing art and how to give Reiki treatments professionally to paying clients too.

Reiki Distance Learning means that professional Reiki training is a reality for you today.

For the very first time the entire Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master courses have been narrated and made into easy to follow and clear recordings. This makes it possable for you to learn Reiki directly from a highly experienced Reiki Master in the comfort of your own home.

26 fascinating, in-depth talks guide you through each stage of your Reiki training.

Easy to follow lesson planners, clear and detailed illustration, 3 Reiki Manuals, simple practice guides and guided self-healing sessions all go to make absolutely sure that you become a Fully Qualified and Confident Reiki Master.

You also receive one-to-one email and online help, support and guidance throughout the course, if you have any questions or want to discuss anything about your training, send me an email and I will help you each step of the way.

Learning Reiki At Home.

Learning Reiki At Home allows you to be in control of your progress through the course and learn Reiki at a pace which is right for you.

You can take as long as you like to fully explore each level so that you are absolutely confident about using Reiki.

You can also listen to each talk as many times as you like to build unshakable certainty and become a true master of Reiki.

Simply press play on your media player, (or transfer the talks onto your MP3 player) and you are free to relax and listen to a Reiki Master/Teacher guiding you through each stage of your Reiki development........

"It's like having a Reiki Master in your own home passing all of the Reiki secrets to you and guiding you all the way to being a true Reiki Master yourself....."

What If I'm New To Reiki?

Not A Problem........

The course has been carefully designed to introduce you to Reiki and quickly get you started giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others.

And as you progress through the Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master courses you will soon see your knowledge and understanding of Reiki grow and grow.

So even if you are totally new to Reiki and have never taken a class, workshop, read a book or received a Reiki treatment, you will be guided step-by-step through each level of Reiki from complete beginner (Reiki One) to full and confident Reiki Master.

And remember that one-to-one help, advice, support and guidance is only ever an email away.

You will quickly discover how and why Reiki is one of the simplest to learn and most powerful forms of natural healing....(Talk #1)

Discover how to use the simple "Reiki Principles" to promote harmony and peace in your life....
(Talk #3)

You will discover how to cleanse your body of toxins with Reiki.... (Talk #4)

How to clear emotional blockages and relieve stress.... (Talk #10)

You will discover how to use Reiki for self-empowerment.... (Talks #16 & #25)

And you will also find out how to use Reiki to help heal past, present and future events .... (Talk #14)

The entire Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master Courses are contained in these truly inspired talks.

And you also receive detailed lesson planners, 3 Reiki Manuals, attunements to each level of Reiki, Professional certificates and unlimited help, support and guidance through your Reiki training.

.....I took a Reiki One Workshop last year and I have been practicing on and off since then. But I have to tell you that your distance learning program gave me much more information than I got from the workshop, the talks are a great idea and I am enjoying each part of the course. My enthusiasm has returned, and I thank you for that.... "

Your Reiki Attunements.

You receive 3 very powerful Reiki distance attunements with the course.

The word "Attune" means : To bring into harmony.

And that’s exactly what your Reiki attunements do.

They bring you into harmony with the healing source of Reiki, so that you can skillfully channel and apply Reiki healing to yourself and others.

You receive attunements to each level of Reiki as you progress through the course.

Reiki Attunements are beautiful, calming and deeply empowering experiences which awaken the source of Reiki Healing within you.

And you receive full details of how to prepare for and receive your attunements with the course.

How to prepare for your Reiki Attunements....(Talk #5)

Distance Attunements to Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master....(Details given with the course)

Reiki Natural Attunement MP3s....(Talks #7, 18 & 22)

.....Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you for my master attunement, I feel that I have arrived somewhere. I have enjoyed the course very much and thank you again for all of your support....."

Reiki Guided Self-Healing.

You will quickly discover the full personal benefit of receiving regular Reiki treatments when you start your "Guided Self-Healing".

After your attunements you will be guided through your Reiki Self-Healing so that you can receive the full benefit of the Reiki treatments which you give to yourself.

Reiki Self-Healing will bring you closer and closer to the source of Reiki each time you do it, and it will also greatly increase your confidence and ability to use Reiki.

Your whole body, mind and spirit will be gently cleansed and revitalized with the healing power of Reiki.

You simply relax in your favorite spot, press play on your media player and you will be guide through each step of your Reiki Self-Healing.

Find out how to give yourself regular Reiki "self-healing" sessions to empower and rejuvenate your own body, mind and spirit....
(Guided Self-Healing sessions are included with the course.)

".....I am a Reiki Master but I enrolled on the course to see how it was delivered. The guided-self healing is a fantastic idea, as this is an area where many students struggle, and your understanding of Reiki and depth of knowledge really shines through in the course. Congratulation for putting together a very complete and clear Reiki Master Course......"
Graham Dodds. UK.

Treating Others.

Giving Reiki treatments to others is a deeply rewarding thing to do.

And you will discover exactly how to perform Reiki treatments with confidence so that you can give Reiki to friends, family, pets and animals, plants and paying clients too.

You will discover how to use each of the Reiki Symbol in your healing and also how to attune others to Reiki.

I’ve included comprehensive practice guides with the course which explain exactly how to practice giving Reiki treatments to others.

So when It comes to actually giving your first Reiki treatment to another you will be absolutely sure about how to conduct the treatment from beginning to end.

Find out how to practice giving Reiki treatments so that you can confidently give Reiki to others.... (Talk #6)

Discover the true power of the Reiki Symbols and how you can easily use them to give Reiki healing to yourself, friends and family, pets, animals and all living things.... (Talks #3, #10, #11 and #19)

Why should “well” people also receive Reiki healing?... (Talk #16)

Learn how to instantly send Reiki healing to others anywhere in the world with Reiki Distance Healing.... (Talk #15)

How to teach Reiki to others.... (Talk #22)

How to attune others to Reiki so that you can help to spread the healing power of Reiki....(Talk #23)

".....i gave my first Reiki treatment to a friend and she was totally blown away, i did it the same way as i had practiced and although i must admit i was a little nervous to begin with, i soon settled into it....."
Sharon. UK.

Course Contents.

The Course is packed full with all of the information you need to master each level of Reiki so that you are confident about every aspect of Reiki, how to use it and what you can achieve with it.

You Receive:

”.....I know it sounds corny, but listening to the recordings was just like having a Reiki Master in the room with me. And being able to listen to the talks a few times has really helped me to get a good firm grasp of Reiki. I plan to start giving reiki treatments soon and the practice sessions have helped me build confidence......."
Many thanks.
Lynn AU.

Your Progress To Reiki Master.

You receive instant access to all of the materials listed above in a simple download onto your computer.

Once you download the course the very first thing to do is look through the "Reiki One Lesson Planner" which will give you detailed instructions of how to get started on your Reiki training.

To become a true master of Reiki it is essential that you learn each level of Reiki and come to master each level as you progress.

The 3 lesson planners guide you through each stage of the course so that your knowledge and ability to use Reiki keeps steadily growing as you progress all the way to becoming a confident Reiki Master.

And remember that help, support and guidance is only ever an email away.

Course Fees.

Learning Reiki has always been very expensive, classes and workshops up to the level of Reiki Master can still cost $1600 or more………and that’s a lot of money.

But with distance learning that sort of price for Reiki training is now definitely a thing of the past.

With Distance Learning you receive much more than you would receive in $1600 Reiki classes or workshops for only a fraction of that cost.

Distance learning is not only a more personal, relaxed and complete way for you to learn Reiki, it’s also much less expensive.

And right now I am also running a Trial Discount Period which makes the Reiki Master Distance Learning Course better value than it has ever been…..or ever will be again.

The full Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master Distance Learning Courses are usually priced at $177.00.

But during this Limited Time Discount Period you can download all Three Reiki Courses right now for only $97.00.

When you place your order you instantly receive.......

26 In-depth Talks.
3 Detailed Lesson Planners.
Diagrams Of The Reiki Symbols.
Illustrations Of The Hand Positions.
3 Reiki Manuals.
2 Guided Self Healing Recordings.
3 Distance Attunements.
Professional Certificates.
Unlimited Email And Online Help, Support And Guidance.

........all for only $97.00.

That’s a single payment of only $97.00 for the full Reiki-One, Reiki-Two and Reiki-Master courses, including all of the materials, attunements, certificates, support, help and guidance listed above.

You Might Be Asking Yourself.......How Can I Possibly Offer Something Which Usually Costs $1600 For Only $97.00?

The answer is very simple.

Delivering this course to you does not cost me a lot of money.

Because you download the full course onto your computer there are no costs for printing CDs, books, illustrations, shipping or packing.

And because you are learning Reiki at home there are no costs involved in setting up a class or workshop.

So I have passed all of those savings back to you.

You download a fantastic amount of material with this course, but the truth of the matter is that the cost of delivering that to you is very small.

You still receive the same training as I would give you in a class or workshop but because you study at home and because you simply download the course the costs involved are much much less.

So in a nut shell…….that's how I can offer you training that would normally cost you $1600 or more for only $97.00.

And I’m Even Going To Go One Better Than That……….

When you order the Reiki Master Distance Learning Course I am going to give you something very important that you will not find in any class or workshop........

Your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I personally guarantee that if you are not totally satisfied with the course for any reason I will refund your $97.00 in full, no questions asked.

I am giving you a two month period to try the course, listen to the talks, take the attunements and start practicing Reiki.

And if during that time you are not absolutely satisfied with your Reiki training, I will refund you course fee in full....... Reiki-One

That's my personal guarantee to you.

So now you can be a Reiki Master, pay only a fraction of the cost, learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and all backed up by my 100% satisfaction guarantee.......

The only question left is..........

Do You Really Want To Learn How To Bring The Beautiful Healing Power Of Reiki Into Your Own Life, Into The Lives Of Those You Love, To Animals And Pets And To The World In Which We All Live? If Your Answer Is Yes.

Here's What To Do Next.

Click on the order button, make your payment and you gain instant access to the full Reiki-One, Reiki-Two and Reiki-Master distance learning courses.

Download Your Reiki Master Distance Learning Course Now For Only $177.00

Time Limited Discount Price

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The Reiki Master Distance Learning Course is delivered to you instantly in a simple download onto your computer.

And As A Special Welcome Gift Package......

I am also including two of my best-selling Reiki music albums......absolutely free.

BONUS GIFT No. 1.......Reiki Reflections.

Reiki Reflections

Reiki Reflection is a best-selling collection of true Reiki music.

This moving and deeply empowering music can be used to bring greater clarity, greater intensity and a new dimension to Reiki healing.

When listening to the tracks you will find that each note represents one of the strokes used to draw the Reiki symbols, and then the combination of those notes creates a beautiful melody which is actually empowering and drawing the Reiki symbol as it plays.

Tracks include:

  • 1. 21st Day.
  • 2. Power.
  • 3. Distance.
  • 4. Mental/Emotional.
  • 5. Tibetan Master.
  • 6. Fire Serpent.
  • 7. Usui Master.

Only $17.95

Free With The Reiki Master Distance Learning Course.

BONUS GIFT No. 2.......The Lightest Touch.

The Lightese Touch

You can use this very light music as a beautiful musical backdrop to your reiki treatments, self healing and meditation.

The lightest touch is a collection of 6 truly inspired tracks which you can now download immediately in MP3 format directly onto your computer.

  • Put the music on your MP3 player and use it to unwind during a break in the day.
  • Burn it to CD and use it in treatments and self healing.
  • Play it while working on your computer to relieve tension.

Remaining continuously connected to Reiki is a goal of many Reiki practitioners and one of the easiest ways to do that is with the help of truly inspired Reiki Music.

Only $17.95

Free With The Reiki Master Distance Learning Course.

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And Please Remember.......

If you are not totally satisfied with the Reiki Training I am giving you, I will personally refund your entire payment. That's a Two Month Unconditional Guarantee.


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P.S. Remember that you will be personally guided step-by-step through the Reiki One, Reiki Two and Reiki Master Courses by a highly experienced Reiki Master/Teacher .......

P.P.S. You learn at your own pace so that you become absolutely sure and confident about giving Reiki treatments to yourself and others.

P.P.P.S. Help and Support is only ever an email away.

And one last thing.....

You can also sign up for my FREE 7 Part Introduction to Reiki Audio Course.

You get 7 high quality audio talks explaining all about the beauty and power of Reiki, I will send part one as soon as you complete the form below.......and it's completely free.......

Thank You
Dave Watson

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